What's The Purpose of This First Aid Resource Centre?

Welcome to Seton Australia and firstaid.com.au. Seton Australia is arguably the most comprehensive supplier of safety products in Australia, including signs, safety products, Trafalgar First Aid Kits and other First Aid related supplies. From our experience of servicing thousands of Australian businesses, here at Seton we believed there was a need for an informative, easy to understand First Aid resource/website. On this website our aim is to demystify some of the First Aid Australian regulations, acts and recomendations, as well as providing some general First Aid information.

Recently we put together a No Smoking Resource Centre that our customers and the public have provided extremely positive feeback about. First Aid seemed to be the next logical safety topic to tackle. We have made every attempt to make these pages as accurate as possible but as always, if a topic relates to your business or workplace, you should make sure you do your own research on how applicable and relevant the information or advice is to your particular situation. To get started select a First Aid topic from the top menu.

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